Basic Beauty Tea Gardens

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Nail care solutions from professionals you can trust

Our talented therapists soothe your feet or hands with the ultimate manicure or pedicure.
Choose from a variety of treatments... Basic to Deluxe. Choose some add-on enhancements to pamper hands or feet.

Manicure and Pedicure


Hand Tidy

Trim, File and Polish. 

Foot Tidy

Soak, Trim and File, Moisturise and Polish.

Dazzle Dry Manicure

Soak, Exfoliate, Cuticle Work, Moisturise and Polish.

Basic Manicure

Soak, Cuticles, Trim and File, Moisturise and Polish.

Basic Pedicure

Soak, Exfoliate, Trim and File, Moisturise and Polish. 

Add-on Enhancements - provides a variety of benefits to your hands or feet.

- Cuticle Work

- Callous Remover

- Paraffin Wax

- Clay Mask

$10 each
Gel Polish
Acrylic Nails

Gel Overlay Manicure 

 Full Set
Gel Overlay Pedicure 
Product Removal  -  (Gel, Dip or Acrylic)
Dipping Nails (Remove and Replace)
Gel Overlay Manicure - with French Polish
Gel Overlay Pedicure  - with French Polish
"Beauty and wellness can go hand in hand."
Dr Vivian Valenty - Dazzle Dry creator.

Non-toxic Nail Care
At Basic Beauty Tea Gardens, we use, Dazzle Dry, it is the only quick-drying, long-lasting natural nail care system of its kind. 
It uses a signature four-step system to strengthen nails, protect against abrasion, dry in just five minutes, and deliver long-term results. 

Our 4 step nail polish system is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, pregnancy safe AND air dries in 5 minutes with no UV light required. 

Removes with regular remover (no soaking required).